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Thursday, August 11, 2011

first baby gift...yippeee!

So we got home last night and saw an Amazon package on our doorstep... Initially, we thought our little sis [who lives with us right now] ordered something, but as I picked up the box, I noticed it was addressed to us! If you've read my original blog for anytime, you know how much I love surprises.  Seeing a gift was music to my ears!  

Could this be for the baby?!?!

With much anticipation, we opened the box to find this treasure:

 [picture courtesy of]

How adorably cute is this?! It's a mix between journal and scrapbook, with hundreds of fill in the blanks about your first experiences, as well as cute stickers and slots for pictures.  It's the perfect way to capture every moment of our pregnancy...Let's just say, I'm gonna LOVE this! 

Thanks so much Auntie Susie!

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  1. So excited for you guys! I hope you fill it up with great memories :)