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Monday, July 18, 2011

a whole new world

Recently, the hubs and I went to Buy Buy Baby to look at all things baby...well, let me rephrase that, we went looking at bedding and furniture, but discovered so much more.

My experience walking into this store was far from what I expected. For some reason, I thought that we were innocently walking into just another small departmental store, but it was quite the contrary.  When I think about it, I felt much like I did when I first ventured into the IKEA store in Shaumburg, IL...overwhelmed! Lucky for us, we quickly met a sales rep who was quite excited about the baby infused place and wanted to give us the 411 on the store layout, as well as what items we needed to buy and those that were just suggestions.

We started our exploration much like any tourist does at a museum she knows nothing about...just go to the nearest exhibit. And that's exactly what we did.  We didn't go into each compartmentalized area, but we hesitantly glanced and slowly kept walking. Straight ahead was the bedding that we originally set out to see. So, we took most of our time looking at the various cribs and crib bedding. I must say, there is some really adorable stuff out there; although, I was a little unimpressed by the limited bedding for baby girls.

After comparing what we each liked and getting some ideas, we made our way around the other side of the store... This is when the overwhelming feeling really kicked in...STROLLERS. CAR SEATS. SO MANY OF THEM. OH MY! I didn't know where to begin. Since we were both completely clueless and were basing our judgments on aesthetics alone, we just strolled down each aisle, touching the different car seats to see which ones were soft, lol [ as you can see, we've got a lot to learn]!

Overall, it was a very enlightening experience.  I learned a few things about our experience:
  • Mini malls for babies DO exist!
  • I'm grateful for checklists that lay it all out for me.
  • A convertable crib seems like the best thing that was ever invented...such a good idea and a great investment!
  • We are just going to take things one day at a time when determining what and when to get baby stuff!

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