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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh baby...21 weeks!

With each passing day, my belly is starting to expand, which is really exciting and a bit frightening!  EXCITING, because it took over 4 months for me to actually look pregnant and FRIGHTENING, because this belly of mine is starting to grow at an exponential rate. I'll be sure to share more about these changes.

Given the "recent" change in my physique, let the baby bump photos commence...

Here's the bump at... 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my girl!

Many of you may have seen our announcement on Facebook:

We are having a girl and our ENTIRE family is elated! If you've read my other blog, you probably know that I have two brothers and SIX nephews [yes, six]! Sean's side of the family is also predominately male with four boys and one girl. So, needless to say, it's time for some estrogen!

Since we sent the announcement to family and friends, we've done a few things in preparation for Baby Love.  We had small group at our house the day we found out, but shortly after it was over, we ran to Kohl's to grab a few girly clothes.  Shopping for the first time was an interesting experience. Up until last week, we would just go and look at everything and talk about what we would like to get if we had a boy or girl.  Last Wednesday, all of the restrictions were gone and we had the hardest time finding something to get. That quickly ended the next day when I remembered I could finally get the one item I had been swooning over...Baby Legs.  If you've never heard of them, you can thank me later. Introducing Baby Legs, which happen to be just as adorable for boys, too:

I think they are the cutest little things EVER! Instead of buying every pair they had, we used a bit of self control and just bought a couple of the newborn sets.  I was really excited to find out they had newborn sizes, since the standard size would initially be too big.

As Sean says, Baby Love already has more clothes than he does [which I must say is not just our doing...our parents have definitely contributed to her wardrobe and sent us pics of the stuff they got] cute!

Last Saturday, we painted the nursery, with the help of some friends! My main responsibility was to make breakfast and to direct [the latter was a self appointed responsibility]. The nursery looks great and is now ready for furniture and design. Here's a pic of our friends working hard in the nursery [sadly, I didn't take a picture of the room once it was done]:


Stay tuned for more updates!
~ One happy mama :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

overwhelmed with excitement

Friends, today marks my 19th week, which means I am only seven days shy of finding out if our Baby Love is a girl or boy...yippeee!

I really have no clue who's more excited, me or the hubs! He sent me a message yesterday slightly freaking out that the halfway point is near and we are that much closer to finding out!

Let's hope and pray that s/he is happily exposed [this one time] for mama and daddy!

So, I'm interested to hear what YOU think we're having...

Most of the opinions have been in favor of a girl, but yesterday I was told by two different people that they thought we were having a boy! Of course, we will be elated either way, but it is fun to guess!

So what do you think?