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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

overwhelmed with excitement

Friends, today marks my 19th week, which means I am only seven days shy of finding out if our Baby Love is a girl or boy...yippeee!

I really have no clue who's more excited, me or the hubs! He sent me a message yesterday slightly freaking out that the halfway point is near and we are that much closer to finding out!

Let's hope and pray that s/he is happily exposed [this one time] for mama and daddy!

So, I'm interested to hear what YOU think we're having...

Most of the opinions have been in favor of a girl, but yesterday I was told by two different people that they thought we were having a boy! Of course, we will be elated either way, but it is fun to guess!

So what do you think?


  1. My guess-- a handsome baby boy!! :)
    So excited for the two of you!
    -Erin Edwards

  2. Girl, i usually have a good guess but with you guys i have no clue! Probably bc i havent seen your cute pregnant self! Love ya :)