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Monday, January 30, 2012

to my sweet baby girl

Dear Baby Love,

The time is winding down with 30 days until your due date... and your daddy and mommy couldn't be happier.  We hoped and prayed for you for quite some time and are so elated to be living in this very moment! Things are pretty much ready for you baby girl...all of the essentials are assembled and ready to go, your nursery is almost complete with your dresser and closet full of clothes, your crib fitted with a sheet and breathable bumper on it to make sure you'll be safe through the night, a glider in the corner for special times with mama and papa. Just a few cosmetic additions and it will be absolutely perfect.

Although you are getting rather big and it's becoming more and more uncomfortable for me to sleep and do simple things like walk without waddling, I am completely fine with you coming when you are ready. I want you to be fully developed in every way despite the temporary discomfort I'm experiencing; afterall, I'm not just living for myself anymore.

There's so much I can say right now, but I think I'll keep this one short. We cannot wait to see you, smell you, hold you and just be with you, our sweet Baby Love. You're such a blessing to our lives and you are loved by so many already! I hope every day you know just how much you are loved and how much of a treasure you are to the world!

Counting down the days,


  1. Geez...waterworks over here! I love this. How blessed this little girl will be! I'm congratulating you in advance for a job well done, mommy and daddy!

    1. Thanks LeAndra! I tried to write it without getting teary eyed and THAT didn't happen!

  2. Oh Samaria...that is so beautiful! Be blessed!

  3. This is so sweet Samaria! I'm happy for you guys.

  4. such a sweet note ;) so happy for you!