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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the happenings of a ONE month old

I can't believe our baby girl is ONE MONTH old! The time has gone by so incredibly fast.

Life with a newborn has been absolutely amazing and challenging all in one! I must say the transition has gone remarkably well. London is a great sleeper and we have been averaging three to four hours with each stretch! We've had a few nights where she slept for only a couple of hours and I definitely can tell the difference. Our little lady is growing exponentially and seems to be more advanced than the average newborn and I'm not just saying that because she's my daughter.  She is an active one and loves to 'help' with everything, like diaper changes and feedings. The one problem I see with that is that she can't actually do anything just yet.  In addition to being a little assistant, she holds up her head and lifts it up too...AMAZING! I guess I should've known we would have a busy bee on our hands when I was pregnant since she was always bouncing around in my belly.

So to commemorate her one month birthday, here are a few of her favorite things:
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Going potty
  • Weeks 1-3: Smiling in her sleep
  • As of week 3: Looking around and looking at you as she's held, smiling when she's awake
  • Falling asleep in your arms
  • Snuggling after she's fed
And here are few of her hated things:
    • The car seat
    • Being swaddled (as of week 4)
    • Car rides
    • Diaper changes
    • Being naked
    Well that's all for now...mommy duty calls!


    1. Ahahaha I'm cracking up and loving the list of things she hates--all of which are essential to her well being.

    2. Too cute. I think we need a new picture to celebrate 1 month of life. I can't wait to meet her. So happy you are all doing well.